training program options:
$$$ ORDERING your Training Program $$$
Again, I am, for a limited time, making a "discounted" offering of my basic training program--[as a "financial lifeline" and an opportunity for those possessing a PIRATE'S MINDSET and the willingness to challenge the casino's formidable tourist fleecing skills].

"Step-by-Step Home Training"
(coupled with detailed procedures to enhance your effectiveness
as a cold AND ruthless player in the casino).
DOES NOT INCLUDE Yarbrough's "In-Person" Training,
but, BUT with excellent "Online Support" from Coach Yarbrough --should it be needed--
normally $11,000 but for a limited time only $6,501

Pay using Paypal

Cost using Bitcoin is 1.5 BTC.
Pay with Bitcoin:

Again, I remind you that If one cannnot EASILY
afford this training
because MONEY STRESSED players just don't follow the rules they are taught!

(to order and pay using check, or money order CONTACT us:
info at

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