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High Stakes Education written by Larry Gierer

A parade of messages left on Benjamine Yarbrough's voice mail as well
as his e-mail indicate that, interest is great in the High Stakes
Player Training he offers.

Of those he's recently carried on correspondence with, one is a
professional fighter who was eager to learn more about the game
he planned to enjoy while in Las Vegas training for a championship

Another is a Swiss investment banker, who writes to Yarbrough, "I
now use London Club at the Aladdin and can heartily recommend
them. I have on this current trip been here since January 9 and will
leave for Zurich on February 4th.

One person impressed with Yarbrough's information is Gordon Ervin,
76, a retired contractor living in Ponitac, Mich. Ervin has had plenty
of time to peruse the manual while recovering from surgery.

To use his system, Yarbrough says a student must be of relatively
high intelligence.

"I tell you," Ervin says, "I've studied a few different systems that
are offered and Yarbrough's is the best I've seen.
It has a system of selection as well as a system of
betting management. "
Ervin says he enjoys baccarat in places such
as San Juan, Nassau and Las Vegas.

"And with the six-degree temperatures here in Michigan, I'd love
to be at any right now,
" he laughs.

General Winning tips from Yarbrough include not risking more than
you're comfortable losing, playing no more than a couple of hours
per gambling session, not drinking much, if any, alcohol and getting
plenty of sleep. "No system's going to work if you're not mentally

Mentally sharp has always been a way to describe this gambling
man. Yarbrough, who attended Georgia Tech for several years
before taking off to play piano with a jazz band in Brazil, is a
member of MENSA and INTERTEL, organizations for people with
superior intelligence quotient.

"I think gambling is great recreation," Yarbrough says, "but you have to
stay in control. I've just tried to help people get better at something
they love doing."

Which for him, he says, has been a winning hand.


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