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coach yarbrough's
"Casino Pirate student"
defeats Johnny Chan
in million dollar MGM tournament

One of my students made the final table in two $1,000,000 Baccarat Tournaments in one week. This is the same student in the Strategy Video below, "Bellagio Penthouse Millionaire".

yarbrough's revolutionary

book on random event prediction.

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Yarbrough teaches players to predict random events with a
verifiable rate of success!......

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[This Asian student from Macau owns companies that did $400,000,000 in sales last year. He flew from Macau to train with me in Las Vegas.]
Pictured below is the Chinese M&A Attorney and Baccarat student who, after my training, made the final table in two "Million Dollar Baccarat Tournaments" in one week!-- He's seen in strategy session video (above) from his Bellagio Penthouse.

Track Record
also Books, newspaper/magazine articles.--track record page--press- room

Track Record / Success stories
also Books, newspaper/magazine articles.--
track record page
--press- room
email: Info @ or
Call (706) 366-8941 for Answers

training program options:

1. NEW!--Abbreviated Training Program-- Teaches you what to do but not necessarily how to do it! Only $465. Includes three critical books used in the Full training program (Casino Pirate, The Baccarat Workbook, and Linear Fractal Mathematics). Sold separately on Amazon for over $1,100. this alternative offers the learn on your own option to those eager to learn how to survive and prosper in the modern casino environment. click here.
2. "Home Training" without "In-Casino" Training component, but with Online Support, click here. ($4,500)
3. "Home Training +" (with ONE-DAY in-casino training), click here. to see details -- $6,500 --

4. Full 4 day "in-casino" coaching -($15,000) --[Contact Yarbrough (using above provided email address or Telephone #) Info at for details. See if you are suited to this unique training option--it is not for everyone.]

Yarbrough's Casino Pirate book (reasonably priced at $1,000 on, that book contains only a portion of the High Stakes and Professional player training program.)
rated as
"The BEST pro-gambler training program ever offered!" --as judged by the ""Betting Newbie to Millionaire" website. [This book is just one part of the training package and program you receive when you order the training program offered here.] View comments by former students.
--This training program is about "Winning the casino's money", having 'FUN', and
riding the wave of a 'gambling revolution'!--
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