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Finally--High Stakes Baccarat Help!
By Dave Percell

Players of the casino's most elegant high stakes game have looked, for many years, for a reliable person to guide them to a fundamentally better way to play the game of baccarat.

You must keep in mind that when low stakes players learn to play a truly better approach to a casino game, the positive impact to their wallet is in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars range, but when high stakes players learn to play a better game, the positive financial impact can be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. I mention this in preparation to revealing that such a trainer of High End players does exist but he doesn't work cheaply, nor does he write and publish $10 or $20 playing guides for the masses. In his own words, Fill the casinos with baccarat winners (or blackjack winners for that matter), and the casinos will remove the game. It's simply a matter of self-preservation. Consequently, his training efforts are directed at individuals who can afford his $25,000 training fee. His other requirements are as follows:
(1) A good student must have above average intelligence. (IQ 115+)
(2) They must be willing to work to become comfortable with their new approach to play and the big picture of self-management which is so essential to long term success.
(3) They must appreciate that is in their self interest to keep the fundamentals of their training closely held. (That is, Open sharing of their training is a NO-NO!)
(4) In this same vein, they should understand the importance of maintaining a low profile when winning, and not wear out their welcome by winning too often at any one casino. (With over 2,000 casinos in the world willing to fully comp the High End player, it is easy to visit many different locations).

Are all these conditions and the cost worth it?
Those who have observed he or his student's at play, are soundly amazed at their consistent winning performances.

Who is this trainer of the world's High End Baccarat Players? His name is Benjamine Yarbrough and although he is uncomfortable with the term genius, it is certain that his many years spent studying random events, chaos, fractal patterning and general player psychology have unlocked some here-to-fore unknown player advantages, which he openly shares with his students and custom tailors to either individual or team play. He does admit that the approaches he has developed and teaches are at least 50 to 100 years ahead of any information currently available to the gambling public. He then digresses by saying --I can teach someone a sound winning approach to play, as well as very effective self-management principles to follow, but in the final analysis, it lies with the student to take their training to heart and follow it TO-THE-LETTER if they truly want to become consistent winners.

Certainly not your regular gambler, Yarbrough, a native of Georgia (where he currently makes his home) is a former chapter president of the Georgia Association for Gifted Children. (He got involved because he wanted to see and have some input on the kind of programs that were being offered to his son who possesses an off the scale I.Q.). Some thirty years ago, he developed a number of revolutionary mnemonic approaches which he taught students to employ in The Memory School which he founded in his early twenties after attending Ga. Tech.

His reason for choosing to teach these revolutionary gambling approaches to others (rather than simply keeping them to himself), is --I like seeing the approaches I have developed being used to give a SMALL group of players a REAL edge. Something, which the world's best mathematicians have been grasping at unsuccessfully for centuries. "I also appreciate the importance of making new friends--a most happy occasion. Yes, Yarbrough says, I do see the need for being careful in selecting my students, but I see no reason for intellectual greed."

Yarbrough maintains a modest Internet web-site at his own dot com called: BaccaratTraining.com (where he can be contacted by email at "info at baccarattraining.com"). Also Sunshine Publishing at info at sunshine-pub.com

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